Passenger Elevator

Passenger elevators are designed and installed to assist people in travelling to multiple floors off high and midrise buildings. These elevators are planned during the planning of any construction project. Essential number of passenger elevators is required as per building need and requirement. In case of multistory commercial office building w e need more elevators to manage the commuters load as compare t o residential building. Residential passenger elevators are designed to assist only a single family and some time it need to assist more families if it installed in a residential society and tower with more commuters compare to a residential house.

Passenger elevators are designed with variety of looks and designs. Passenger elevators can be installed with auto doors, manual doors, and swing doors as per requirement

Standard features:

• Steel Rope:
a) Construction : 8×19 FMC
b) Tensile Grade : 1770 N/mm2
c) Applied standards: IS: 2266/1989
• Variety of cabin designs.
• Specially designed Geared/gearless traction machine.
• Machine finish guide rails with male- female ends for smooth movement.
• Adjustable nylon head guide shoe.
• Microprocessor Enabled control panel for less breakdown periods.
• Quality landing and cabin auto door’s operation system.
• Digital L.O.P and C.O.P.
• Automatic Light and fan in cabin.
• Cabin ventilation.
• VVVF Drive for jerk free movement of elevator.
• Full length sensor for Auto door opening in case of any obstruction in between doors.
• Separate motor and drive for auto door movement.
• Voice announcement.

Safety Features:

• ARD (Auto rescue device) these feature comes in action in sudden power failure.
• Single phase, reverse phase or phase missing protection.
• Over speed governor for free fall safety
• Emergency stop button.
• Fireman switch helps in case of fire emergency.
• Final limit for top clearance and bottom clearance.
• Emergency light

Optional Features:
• LED lights.
• Varity of C.O.P and L.O.P options.
• Cabin interior designs.
• Controlled access.
• Designer cabin.

With Machine room
Passenger elevators with machine room are very
conventional and easy to maintain elevators. In these kind of
installations all parts like over speed governor , machine and
control panel are fixed and make to operate in machine room
which is constructed on the top of elevator shaft( Hoist way)
as per standard and requirement.
1. Easy to install
2. Reasonable cost
3. Easy to maintain