Heavy Duty Power Winch Machine

5,00,000 – 15,00,000
Heavy duty winches are usually right- hand operated while opposite hand operating machines are also manufactured by almost all units. The base frame must be fabricated with I.S.M.C and C sections or plates property be ribbed. It must be floored with checkered plate platform for working area while lifting lugs must also be provided. The Electric Heavy Duty Power Winch is in general available with anchoring holes for easy foundation.

Features to look for :

Good Reduction Capacity: Reduction of Electric Heavy Duty Power Winch with self-made helical reduction Gear box and the other reduction with open Spur gears and pinions is usually preferred. This is in order to increase the performance of the Winch against heavy duty.

Rope Drum and Capacity: Steel fabricated the drum machined with flanges at both ends are commonly available. The Electric Heavy Duty Power Winch can hold up to a weight of 50 metric ton at maximum

Winding capacity: Electric Heavy Duty Power Winch that can wind up to 100 meter of rope is available. Drums providing larger winding capacity are also available in the market and are a user choice.

Look for the Control panel: the control panel of an Electric Heavy Duty Power Winch is one main feature to look at. Usually, Push button and controller at 110V are fixed to the machine. Any other control equipments such as the Tripple Pole reversing contractors, Pilot lamp, H.R.C fuses, etc., are also common in these machines and a good quality make can ensure long lasting benefits.