Goods lifts are designed and installed in premises where heavy materials are supposed to
transfer between different floors a building. Goods lifts are designed as per specific
needs. These lifts may have cabin size and designed as per commodity which is to be
transported vertically. Some require a closed cabin with supported side metallic walls.
Cabin size may wary as per requirements. These elevators are designed with huge
carrying capacities. Goods lift may have carrying capacities ranges from 500kg to
10000kg depend on requirement.
Goods lifts with drum wounding are the perfect solutions for premises where heavy
materials are in practice to transport vertically.

• Steel Rope:
a) Construction : 8×19 FMC
b) Tensile Grade : 1770 N/mm2
c) Applied standards: IS: 2266/1989
• Digital landing operation panel At All Floors – digital
panel which shows car position on all the floors of
• Direction Indication At All Floors
• Specially Designed cabin with robust floor and wall protection.
• Collapsible/ manual Door Operation.
• MFS (magnet floor sensing) for accurate floor sensitivity.
• Microprocessor enabled control panel for less breakdown periods.
• Machine finished guide rails with male –female ends for smooth movement.

• Motor Overload Protection
• Single Phase Protection
• Reverse Phase Protection
• Emergency Stop Switch.
• Top and bottom final Limit.
• Electromechanical gate lock on each landing
• Spring Buffer.

• Cheaper in cost.
• Easy to install.
• Low maintenance cost.
• Capable to pull heavier loads.