Goods Cum Passenger Elevator

Service elevators are basically passenger elevators which are
designed to carry heavier load or capacity as compared to simple
passenger elevators. These elevators are Sturdy and strong in
formation. These elevators are installed at places where normally
passenger are supposed to carry goods and travel along with
material in elevator vertically.
These elevators are normally installed in high rise residential and commercial buildings
to assist other passenger elevators installed in the same building.

Standard feature:
• Steel Rope:
a) Construction : 8×19 FMC
b) Tensile Grade : 1770 N/mm2
c) Applied standards: IS: 2266/1989
• Digital landing operation panel At All Floors – digital panel which shows car position on all
the floors of building.
• Direction Indication At All Floors
• VVVF Drive for smoothing movement of cabin during travel.
• Specially Designed cabin with robust floor and wall protection.
• Collapsible/ manual Do or Operation.
• MFS (magnet floor sensing) for accurate floor sensitivity.
• Microprocessor enabled control panel for less breakdown periods.
• Machine finished guide rails with male –female ends for smooth moveme nt.
• Specially designed traction machine.
• Floor announcement system.

• Motor Overload Protection
• Single Phase Protection
• Reverse Phase Protection
• Counter weight for extra balance.
• Over speed governor for free fall safety
• Emergency Stop Switch.
• Top and bottom final Limit.
• Electromechanical gate lock on each landing door.
• Spring Buffer.
• Emergency Alarm Switch
• Auto doors/swing doors.
• Door Alarm.
• Voice announcement.
• Metallic structure for elevator installation
• Auto rescue device.