Electric Crab Trolley (1,20,000-5,00,000)

All the Crab trolleys are produced as per the compliance with latest technological advancements and possess the potential to supply standard as well as custom made models. It is believed that the Crab trolleys when worked in open, offer maximum advantage and can have single or twin hoists units as required.


Crab trolleys that have the potential to lift up to the height of 6 meters to 50 metres are of utter importance. Crab trolleys can be of standard units and can be custom made as per the requirement of the clients. The capacity of the meter can also be customised depending upon the requirement usually the capacity lies between 1 mt to 50 mt. The crab trolleys give a speed of 2 meter / minute to 12 meter / minute. The Motor used in the production of crab trolleys is a TEFC Foot cum Flange Mounted Squirrel Cage or a Slippring Crane DutyInduction as it increases the strength of the product. The electric motor used in the product has 40 % CDF per hour. Another major raw material used to produce trolleys is drum. It is mostly preferred by firms, to use only drum with all these specifications: M.S. Seamless, Double Flange, and Double Groove with Rope Anchor. The breaks used in the trolleys have Electro Magnetic Disk or Electro Magnetic Shoe Type or Hydraulic Thruster Type so as to increase the efficiency and handle more loads. The gear box used by us has totally Enclosed CI, fine machine Cut Gears, and Alloy Steel Gears Self Design All Gear Boxes are Helical Type.