Dumbwaiter Elevator

Dumbwaiters are elevators which are named as hotel lifts in regional mark et. These lifts are designed and installed in a way to transfer food and other raw material between kitchen and serving area located at different floors of a building. These lifts are small i n size and carrying capacity so that they can fit in small hoist-way and can serve efficiently.

Standard feature:
• Steel Rope:
a) Construction : 8×19 FMC
b) Tensile Grade : 1770 N/mm2
c) Applied standards: IS: 2266/1989
• Digital landing operation panel At All Floors – digital panel which shows car    position on all the floors of building.
• Direction Indication At All Floors
• Specially Designed ca bin with robust floor and wall protection.
• Manual Door Operation.
• MFS (magnet floor sensing) for accurate floor sensitivity.
• Microprocessor enabled control panel for less breakdown periods.