Car Elevator

Car elevators are designed an d installed in premises where heavy vehicles are to be
transported vertically to different floor of a building. These elevators are la rger in size so
that they can easily take on heavy cars and other
vehicles to other floors of the building. These
elevators are similar like freight elevators as per as
technical specifications are concerned.


• Steel Rope:
a) Construction : 8×19 FMC
b) Tensile Grade : 1770 N/mm2
c) Applied standards: IS: 2266/1989
• Digital landing operation panel At All Floors –
digital panel which shows car position on all the
floors of building.
• Direction Indication At All Floors
• Specially Designed cabin with robust floor and
wall protection.
• Collapsible/ manual Door Operation.
• MFS (magnet floor sensing) for accurate floor
• Microprocessor enabled control panel for less
breakdown periods.

• Machine finished guide rails with male –female ends for smooth movement.
• Specially designed double grooved rope drum.
• Specially designed elevators machine which are capable to pull up loads.
• VVVF Drive for smoothing movement of cabin during travel.

• Motor Overload Protection
• Single Phase Protection
• Reverse Phase Protection
• Counter weight for extra safety and balance.
• Emergency Stop Switch.
• Top and bottom final Limit.
• Electromechanical gate lock on each landing door.
• Spring Buffer.

• Emergency Alarm Switch
• Door Alarm.